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Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki talks about a experience he gained from having two dads in his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, one his biological father and one of his childhood best friend’s father. Both dads provided different advice and told Robert two completely different things. One of my good friends, who now runs a successful
limo company, told me that this is a must read for anyone looking to be financially successful.  Continue reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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Review: The Art of War by Sun Tzu

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The Art of War is one of the most influential pieces of work in history. It dates back to 5th century, BC. It was written by a chinese general Sun Tzu or »Master Sun«. It hasn’t been translated into another language until 1772, when France wanted to know what was the fuss about.

Sun Tzu divided the book into three chapters, which were thematically connected. He talks about conflict and how to deal with it. He introduces different ideas, such as the war, which stands for any kind of war and players in this war, how to play this game if you want to win. It’s very analytical and we can see, that the writer dedicated a lot of critical thinking to message his thoughts as clearly as possible.

This is a great documentary about the book.

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The Closer’s Survival Guide

Grant Cardone is one of the leading authors, coaches and mentors when it comes to sales. The Closer’s Survival Guide talks about the most vital part about the sales  process, the close. The only part closers-guideof the  sale that puts money into the pockets of the salesperson. Grant says most sales  people won’t even ask for the  close or are afraid to approach. Most people don’t realize the significance of the close and  believe if they  just present the numbers  the customer is  going to tell you, “Lets do it.” Except it’s  always the other way around you have to push for the close and ask them, multiple times, for the sale. Continue reading The Closer’s Survival Guide

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The 10X Rule

The 10X rule by Grant Cardone is one of the most influential pieces of literature out there especially for entrepreneurs. Grant Cardone has numerous works of literature that all influence and change your mindset about certain beliefs. The 10x levels of thinking and acting changes how you’re currently living and working in your life. Grant talks about what is considered normal behavior and if you want to achieve great level of success you must do what others won’t do.

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