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The 10X Rule

The 10X rule by Grant Cardone is one of the most influential pieces of literature out there especially for entrepreneurs. Grant Cardone has numerous works of literature that all influence and change your mindset about certain beliefs. The 10x levels of thinking and acting changes how you’re currently living and working in your life. Grant talks about what is considered normal behavior and if you want to achieve great level of success you must do what others won’t do.

You must differentiate yourself from the herd. Be the black sheep in the sea of white sheep, think and act in a way others wouldn’t. Be prepared and success will come, in fact success loves preparedness. The 10x Rule teaches you have to properly write down and plan your goals so you don’t fail in acting on them. He talk a lot about how to actually plan how much action and work is required to reach your goal. Insufficient action will cause you to fail on obtaining your goal. More importantly not properly planning out how much action is required to reach your goal or destination in life will give you bigger problems. Though action is the single most important part of achieving any goal, planning is a vital because it provides a roadmap to success.

Think Different – Act Different

Be prepared to be judged and the way people act around you should not cause you to react. Competitive thinking is not what successful people follow. If your neighbor buys a brand new car, you don’t mirror his action, you do whats best for you. You only act in a manner that will only help you and take you to the next level. In society we are told to go to college, get a good job and buy a house, but if we break those barriers then we can improve our lifestyle. Just because your parents, friends and teachers all did it a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the only way to approach it.

Dominate. Grant talks about dominating your sector or whatever you’re doing in life. Get busy making sure you’re the only one that is remembered and do double what your competition is doing. Forget what your competition or your neighbor is doing, focus on your own business, relationship or goals and you will achieve. Follow your own direction and 10X everything you’re doing and success will follow. If you’re 100 percent committed to your goal and success then you won’t be distracted by things that will only slow you down.

The average person sets subpar goals. Successful people set goals that are a little higher than what they can achieve and are always setting the bar higher. Each and every time a goal is reached or obtained they push the bar higher and plan a roadmap to get to that next level. 10X. They don’t just stop when they meet the first goal they set a year ago, if they did their success would just stop there. Successful and wealthy people have that edge to continue succeeding and only growing in their business and their life. The goal they had 10 years ago was only 1/10th of what they are moving towards today. Setting proper and high goals is what makes you act at a 10x level and what in the end allows you to think, act and grow into a successful person.

The 10x can be purchased as a physical copy, a ebook or even a audiobook so there is absolutely no excuse for anyone not to read this book. Especially if you want to become successful in life and 10x your income. This book is the foundation of your success.

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