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The Closer’s Survival Guide

Grant Cardone is one of the leading authors, coaches and mentors when it comes to sales. The Closer’s Survival Guide talks about the most vital part about the sales  process, the close. The only part closers-guideof the  sale that puts money into the pockets of the salesperson. Grant says most sales  people won’t even ask for the  close or are afraid to approach. Most people don’t realize the significance of the close and  believe if they  just present the numbers  the customer is  going to tell you, “Lets do it.” Except it’s  always the other way around you have to push for the close and ask them, multiple times, for the sale.

Closing a sale is all about taking an objection and overcoming it. Then asking for the close in another way. We have to always go back and show the features and benefits of whatever product/service in order to build a stronger case. The Closer’s Survival Guide provides you with over 120 different closes and closing strategies. This allows you to close any client or customer in an infinite different possibilities. It is said that people say no 4 to 5 times before they buy, so the salesperson needs to ask for the close that amount of times before their customer buys. That is why Grant emphasizes the need for the salesperson to have numerous closes on hand so he can execute the sale no matter how many nos he gets. Master salesmen have an arsenal of closes ready so they can use them when they get a certain objection. They overcome and then close.

Every piece of literature Grant Cardone puts out also has inspiration in both the sales process and how to succeed in life.This book is a surefire way to close more deals and control your income. He talks a lot about how must salespeople aren’t sure how much money they are going to make and their income in uncertain. Closing more deals and closing everyone that can be closed allows you to control your income. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to take control of their job and change their life and lifestyle.

Grant Cardone’s 10x Rule is also a must read and a pathway to success and turning your life around. You can read more about it here.

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