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Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki talks about a experience he gained from having two dads in his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, one his biological father and one of his childhood best friend’s father. Both dads provided different advice and told Robert two completely different things. One of my good friends, who now runs a successful
limo company, told me that this is a must read for anyone looking to be financially successful. richdadbookcoverRobert explains the two sides of financial advice that he received growing up. Both had a different perspective on finance. One he called his poor dad because of his knowledge of finance and how Robert should get a good job, and work the rest of his life at a job. While his rich dad told him to invest and run your own business that will give you residual income.

Two completely opposite philosophies on money and wealth. One perceived your home as an asset while the other viewed it as a liability. If you are an entrepreneur this book brings a strong foundation about wealth and how to accumulate it. It’s important to know what the rich dad says and why the poor dad says what he says. Both sides are important to know and why you should implement this in your own life.

Robert Kiyosaki definitely benefitted from both sides of information on wealth and financial advice as he is now worth over 80 million and a successful financial advisor himself. He has helped thousands of people with this information and by publishing this book it has helped millions. Having a strong basis of knowledge on financial matters is important for everyone to learn at some point. Even if your own parents never talked about money or wealth with you, you should pick up this book and learn.

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